At E91

At E91

One way to get connected at E91 is to serve in a ministry area. God has given each of us unique gifts and we want to help you find the serving opportunity that is the best fit for your gifts. Below is a list of all our current serving opportunities at E91. Simply contact the staff leader listed and they'll follow up with you to answer any questions and get you connected.



Find a serving opportunity at E91


Graphic Designers

Do you have a passion for sharing the ministry of E91 with others? Are you good at storytelling, graphic design, writing, website development or social media management? If so, we would love to connect with you, hear your story, and help you learn more about the impact Communications Ministry is making.

Volunteer designers should be comfortable working in Adobe Create Suite, have software access, and be able to submit design samples.

Contact Kelly Johnson at 317-849-1261 x2217


Provides photography throughout the life of the church, including worship services, in order that we might use the material for social media outlets, website, and other special moments and events.

Contact Kelly Johnson at 317-849-1261 x2217

Video Editors

We need those who can take raw video footage and edit it into a moving short film, interview, baptismal story, or special announcement.

Contact Kelly Johnson at 317-849-1261 x2217

Care Ministry

E91 Prayer Teams
  • Participate in organized prayer for our congregation during services on Sunday mornings.
  • Prayer over our congregations needs and request.

For more information contact Natalie Hubartt or (317) 849-1261 x2420


Multiple opportunities exist if you want to get involved with Funeral Care:

  • Coordinate a team to provide funeral meals for families whose loved ones have died
  • Provide a meal/dish for families and guests following the funerals
  • Administrative work—sending packets, emails, and letters to those who are grieving

Contact Amy Blaskiewicz at 849-1261 x2350

  • Visit E91 individuals in hospitals and rehab centers.
  • Provide communion to our homebound members on Sundays.

Contact Natalie Hubartt at 849-1261 x2420


Wednesday Night Childcare
  • Provide childcare during Wednesday Night Classes for ages infant to 6 th grade.
  • Must pass background check, have ability to relate effectively with children and their parents.

Contact Grant Scott at 849-1261 x2317

Older Adults Transportation
  • Take people to doctor appointments, get groceries, run important errands

Contact Amy Blaskiewicz at 849-1261 2350

LifeGroup Hosts
  • Creates an environment where people feel welcome and gives support to the life group leader in fulfilling the vision of their life group.
  • The place people meet and what they experience in that place is key to the success of a life group. The host’s focus is on making that place welcoming and warm.

Contact Grant Scott at 849-1261 x2317

LifeGroup Leaders
  • Leads in a way and creates an environment in their small group community where people’s lives are being transformed as they follow Jesus, are changed by Jesus and join Jesus on mission.
  • Help people embrace Christ personally, experience Christ in community, equipped to be servant leaders and disciple makers, and extend Christ to others.

Contact Grant Scott at 849-1261 x2317

Connect Team
  • At every possible starting point at our church there will be a person who is warm, engaging and equipped to help those who are new connect to Christ, community and opportunities to serve.
  • We are looking for people who are relationally driven (warm and engaging), equipped to identify where people are spiritually, can clarify the gospel, follow up with new believers, and can help connect people to community and find ways to serve.

Contact Grant Scott at 849-1261 x2317

Next Generation Ministries

Wednesday Night Childcare: Student Ministries

We are looking for people to provide child care on Wednesday nights for our leaders who have young children.  We want to eliminate any road blocks for people interested in serving with students, so leaders are free to serve.

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261

Small Group Leaders : Student Ministries

We are looking for people who love students and want to make an eternal impact in their lives.  Our students need people who can come alongside  them, help them through difficult times, love them despite their flaws, and always point them toward Jesus . . . but also know how to have fun, laugh with them, and let them be teenagers.  Our small group leaders are the lifeblood of the student ministry.  We don’t expect volunteers to have all the answers or be to super cool and relevant.  We just want people who are willing to meet students where they are and walk alongside them.

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261

Classroom Shepherd/Leaders: Needed in all age groups


  • Oversee a few small group leaders.
  • Assist with training new volunteers in the classroom.
  • Regularly review and practice safety procedures.
  • Sharing communication from the Next Generation Leadership.
  • Encouraging team members to share life together through prayer and support as necessary.
  • Identifying new leaders from within the team.

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261

Small Group Leaders: Needed in all age groups
  • Connect and get to know your few kids personally.
  • Plan ahead and be prepared to teach/lead your small group on Sunday mornings.
  • Prepare for small group lessons. Facilitate group discussions, questions, and challenges that will enable the group to grow deeper in their walk with Christ

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261

Large Group Worship Team: Needed in all age groups
  • Teacher – plan and teach the Bible lesson to the large group.
  • Worship Leader – work with the team to plan music and lead worship.
  • Actors & Stage Presence – present skits and assist with stage design.
  • Tech – run audio/visuals for the morning service.

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261

Greeters: Needed in 1st Grade through High School
  • Be warm and approachable.  This is the parent/child’s first contact with the classroom.
  • Help students find their seats.
  • Welcome all children/students to the class.

Contact Lori Burns at 849-1261


Congregational Initiatives Team

Serve by leading out with Outreach Drives and helping answer questions in the Hub on Sundays.  Help our congregation take the first step in serving outside of the church by organizing events like Child Sponsorship Campaign, Toy Drives, and more.

Contact Sara Shetterley at 849-1261 x2318

Welcome/First Impressions

Communion/Offering Servers
  • During service times, carry communion and offering plates to people

Contact  Nelly Arnold at 849-1261 x2384

Communion Prep
  • Sign up on a monthly schedule
  • Weekly time to prepare communion for Sunday
  • Sunday mornings before services—set out communion
  • Sunday mornings after service—consolidate/clean up communion

Contact  Nelly Arnold at at 849-1261 x2384

Coffee Team
  • Prepare and maintain coffee for and in between services

Contact  Nelly Arnold at 849-1261 x2384

  • Before services, open doors and welcome people
  • Hand out "The Weekly”
  • Help people find seats

Contact  Nelly Arnold at 849-1261 x2384

Information Desk (Sunday Morning)
  • Once a month commitment
  • 2-hour shift (8:30-10:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
  • Need to be comfortable answering phones and potentially calling 911 for emergencies

Contact  Nelly Arnold at 849-1261 x2384

Worship and Production

Stage Build Team

This team meets on an ‘as needed’ basis for the purposes of updating or changing our stage design. The team consists of construction workers, engineers by trade, builders by hobby and still others who have done very little hammer swinging but can help move/lift stuff and are happy to participate in whatever is needed when the team gathers to design “the next thing”. If any of this sounds like you, and you’d like to be contacted about the next opportunity to participate with the Stage Build Team, contact Carmen D'Arcy Stanczykiewicz in our Worship Production offices at 849-1261 x2333 to learn more!

Video Team

From on-location shooting to editing, story telling and B-roll accumulation, our video team is there. If you have skills and equipment that you’d like to use for Kingdom purposes, we’d love to talk with you to determine if it might be a good fit. To find out more information about this opportunity, contact Carmen D'Arcy Stanczykiewicz in our Worship Production offices at 849-1261 x2333


Our production volunteers serve with the stage team, graphics lyrics, lighting, etc. Some of our volunteers bring a wealth of experience with them. Others have never done anything like this before but are just looking to serve and be involved behind the scenes in what makes our Sunday morning services happen. You bring the heart – we’ll provide all the training! For more information, contact Carmen D'Arcy Stanczykiewicz in our Worship Production offices at 849-1261 x2333


If you have a heart for worship, and would like to explore participation on the vocal worship team, let’s set up an audition with you. To learn more about what our E91 audition process looks like, contact Carmen D'Arcy Stanczykiewicz in our Worship Production offices at 849-1261 x2333


Our 10:05 service worship band is primarily made up of rhythm instruments like acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano/keys. If you play one of these instruments and you’d like to learn more about our audition process, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Carmen D'Arcy Stanczykiewicz in our Worship Production offices at 849-1261 x2333