We believe the Lord desires us to be good stewards of the resources he provides, which is why we want to fund more missions and local ministries while we reduce debt and move toward being debt free. The elders have spent over a year in prayer and discussion to evaluate how E91 can be spiritually healthy and growing for years to come. We pray God will bless E91 as we humble ourselves before him, stretch our faith, and LIFT together.

current commitment totals

(As of 2/11/19)

537 commitments received


Phase 1 completed: first fruits total received: $721,561
Phase 2 completed: Rapha House Vocational Project $150,000. Click Here to see a special Thank You video from our partners at Rapha House.
Phase 3 completed: relocation of the E91 counseling center $200,000. 

The demolition for Phase 3 is in progress! If you visit The Hall, you'll see new restrooms both upstairs and downstairs. We've also installed new exterior doors that bring greater security to the entrance, as well as a handicapped door push button. We are excited to inform you that our plans have been approved and construction has begun! Once complete, we'll have a brand new waiting area, 10 counseling offices, a classroom area plus a conference room in the area below The Hall! Click to view an artist rendering preview of the planned renovations for the Counseling Area

PHASE 4 (IN PROGRESS): Debt Reduction $  339,241 OF $1,000,000 RECEIVED AS OF 10/6/19. 


LIFT will help E91 rise above and move beyond by:

Reducing the drag of debt - TARGET: $2,400,000 (80% of campaign total)

We owe approximately $4.6 million from previous building expansion projects. Reducing this debt through LIFT will put E91 on the path to become debt free by our 100th anniversary in 2024!

Expanding our missions and outreach -  TARGET: $300,000 (10% of campaign total)

We will help plant a new church in the US (E91 daughter church #74, location to be determined), and we will launch a Christ-centered vocational training program and build safe houses for our partners at Rapha House in Thailand. Click Here to learn more about the new vocation program, which will teach girls to make special artisan paper.

Updating our facilities - TARGET: $300,000  (10% of campaign total)

We will expand and relocate the E91 Counseling Center to below The Hall; we will update some of our restrooms and enhance our lobby area with a new coffee bar and improved resource center. Click to view an artist rendering preview of the planned renovations for the Cafe

Click Here to view All 7 Phases in our Planned Spending Guidelines

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