Monday, July 09, 2018 - Friday, July 13, 2018

If you've never been a part of CIY Mix, check out their website or watch this videoCIY MIX is a four-day summer conference specifically designed for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. It is intentionally crafted in ways that will engage middle school students through tactile, interactive and fun activities coupled with Bible-based teaching and small group interaction. Students will experience incredible worship and some of the best speakers available.

Sometimes talking about Jesus creates more questions. If I'm not hurting anybody, why can't I do what I want? Is Jesus the ONLY way to be saved? There are some Christians I don't like ... Is that bad? What if I don't believe everything people say about Jesus? How can I be sure that I'm really, really saved? You're not the first to ask these questions. Even Jesus' best friends asked questions like these. In fact, Jesus' friend and disciple, John, wrote a letter to other Christians addressing some of these questions. And John's answers about what it means to follow Jesus makes it really clear. Join us at CIY MIX as we help middle school students understand John's answers to these big questions, by looking at God's family in comparison to the world's chaos.

Join us July 9 - 13 in Marion, IN at Indiana Wesleyan University


Early $300 thru 4/15 (Use discount code EARLY)

Regular $325 thru 5/20 (Use discount code REGULAR)

Late $350 thru 6/4

** $50 deposit can be made.

Balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before the beginning of the trip.

Leader registration fee $10.00

Limited scholarship funds are available. If requesting scholarship funds, please email Kathy Dix at .

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