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Know Your Story. Engage Your World.

What do you think of when someone asks to hear your story? Does your job – your college – your family background come to mind? Is it an exciting question for you or one that reminds you once again of what you’ve tried so hard to forget?

We live in a culture where we have 30 seconds at most to describe and try to capture the attention of whomever we are talking too. It can seem an overwhelming task to try and share what makes us who we are in an engaging way in such a short amount of time. If we’re really honest we may even say that our stories feel dull compared to the stories of others. We have never met that person, gotten that degree, or our family never looks that way. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the “story boards” for our lives and the pictures and stories that get the most “likes” are the ones that often feel the most distant from day-to-day reality.

What if the story of your life was far more real and significant than a Facebook post or Instagram photo? What if your story didn’t need a special filter to get a like or have to be a cleverly crafted sentence so that someone might pay attention?

Our attempts to filter and sanitize our lives have become the very things that keep us from knowing the importance and weightiness of the story we have been called into.

For we not only have our own story: we have been called up into one that is far greater and far more magnificent than the college you attended or where you vacationed last summer.

It’s the story of a God who is in passionate pursuit of people. A story of romance…and yes of tragedy. A story that is full of adventure and the risk of danger and sometimes even death. It’s a story that we often forget as we settle into the days and weeks of routine; work and school. Yet the story continues to call to us even when we are desperately seeking distraction because that story speaks to a longing within us that never seems to be met.

What would your life look like if your story not only mattered, but impacted the stories of those around you? What if your story became the invitation for God to show up powerfully in the lives of others?

We at Crucible Counseling Center believe that our stories become the avenues for God to move in us and in the lives of those around us. We have been called into a greater story than any we could create and it speaks to the deepest longings and dreams of our hearts. This fall Crucible is putting on a one day event to assist those who are ready to dream and to invite God into the best and worst of their stories. If you are searching for how your story could fit into the story God is telling – this event could be for you.

Posted by Dave Lantz, MA, LMHCA with