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Does my life matter?

If you ever find yourself wondering if your life matters, keep reading.

Several years ago, someone from our church family told me he had the privilege of being with our former Senior Pastor, Russ Blowers, near the end of his life. One of Russ’s comments was, “I just don’t think I did enough. Did my life matter?”

It’s only natural that when someone faces death it leads to self-examination, and all of us can look back over our lives and wish we could have done more. But this was Russ Blowers—preacher, pastor, and national Christian leader. If Russ Blowers had a brief moment of questioning the impact of his life’s work (which was absolutely stunning, by the way), it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you and I face similar questions with the introspection of our hearts.

Am I doing enough? Does my life matter?

When our kids were little, Laura, my wife, would say to me from time to time, “You’re out meeting people, sharing the Gospel, and working on sermons, and I’m here changing diapers. What difference am I really making for God’s Kingdom?”

A lot. Jesus said, “He who is faithful over little will be set over much” (Matthew 25:21, ESV). And raising children is no little work, indeed.

Author Johnnie Moore tells the story about how he learned to pray and study the Bible from a local businessman who taught Sunday school on the side. He said, “In some sense, every sermon I preach and every life that has been affected by my speaking or my writing must be credited somehow to that local businessman who taught me how to love and study God’s Word” (Dirty God, 62).

Do you think that local businessman ever got frustrated with his Sunday school class and asked himself, “Am I doing enough? Does what I’m doing really matter?” His life mattered to Johnnie Moore.

You are a creation of the Lord Most High. You were given life by His hand for His glory and purposes. If you feel like you are meandering through mediocrity, then maybe it is good to do some soul searching to see if you are living purposefully or wastefully.

But if you are open to the Spirit of the living God, being faithful to His Word and the practice of prayer, living out your faith in community with other believers through a local church, then accept the mystery of the sacred permeating your work, home, and the normal routines of life. You never know, but in those ordinary moments of life, God might be working out something extraordinary, just like He did in the life of Johnnie Moore.

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