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6 ways to Engage at Rock the Block

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June 15th @ 6:30 p.m. 
This year we are kicking things off with a community prayer event. Our E91 Prayer Ministry is helping host a Prayer Walk. Bring your friends, family or LifeGroup and pray through our guided prayer card on our campus, in Sahm's Park, in an apartment complex or at the mall. Don't have someone who can join you? Join on of our Prayer Team leaders as they lead groups through the prayer walk. Sign up here.


June 16th - Activities starting at 7 p.m. movie starts at dusk.

MOPS is hosting this fun family-friendly event with games and activities before the film, including an animal show with Hedgehog Hannah! There will be popcorn, snow cones and water before our featured film Zootopia. Don't forget to reserve your spot by registering here


June 17th between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. depending on the shift you choose

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is partnering with E91 to help clean up the trash that is hiding the incredible community of Castleton. Register to serve during the morning shift or afternoon shift, get your gloves and map as you head out to your designated area for clean up. This event is for all ages. Families with children are assigned to areas for clean up in Sahm's Park or on the outskirts of the Castleton Mall parking lot. Sign up for a time slot here


June 17th from 9 a.m. to noon

Shepherd Community Center is taking on a God-sized project this summer as they work to help fix the homes in their neighborhood. They are looking for help in surveying the needs in their community. You will start off with a quick training session before you head out with your team leader to survey the community. Volunteers must be 16 or older to serve in this project. Register to help here.


June 18th between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. depending on the role you volunteer for.

Putting on a block party for 1000+ people has a lot of moving pieces. Consider helping us set up, welcome new people, keep an eye on the inflatable games or kids activities, or clean up. Help us make this block party a fun and inviting event for our neighbors as we create an environment that connects them to the community at E91. Sign up to serve here.


June 18th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Enjoy a block party for everyone! Register to get your Food Truck coupon and let the games begin! From a life-size Hungry Hungry Hippo game to the Cherry Bomb students and parents will be having just as much fun as they kiddos in the inflatables area. Enjoy competition? Register a team for the 5-on-5 basketball tourney or the disc golf tourney
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Finding Direction in The Father

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      Father’s Day is a day of great celebration for our father’s that raised us and took care of us. Father’s are such an important piece to a family, but sadly there are a lot of sons and daughters that will struggle with fathers. From tragedy to neglect, there are many reasons that people struggle with this holiday. Even in the Bible, we see one of the most identifiable characters, Jonathan, with a messed up relationship with his dad.

     Throughout 1 Samuel we see instances of Jonathan’s father, Saul, being a man that was angry, depressed, and neglectful. In 1 Samuel 18, we see his jealousy of David and that led to him throwing a spear at him. Then Jonathan defends David, standing up to his father and then aiding David getting him to safety. Saul insults him and swears at him, calling him names and shaming his birth. Jonathan did not have it easy when it came to his father.

      Jonathan’s relationship with Saul was a tumultuous one for lack of better words. There’s a lesson we can learn from Jonathan's response to Saul. Saul’s failures and shortcomings didn’t’ define Jonathan’s direction. Saul might have wanted to kill his best friend, but Jonathan stood loyal to David. Jonathan also stood by his father’s side until the end. Even though he had every reason to abandon him, every reason to disregard him, he still stood with his brothers and defended Israel.

      We see throughout Jonathan’s life a common thread that his Heavenly Father, not his earthly one, led him. Jonathan was not defined by Saul’s actions (or inaction) in his life. He followed God and served him, even when his own father was against him. Draw on Jonathan’s example and find your direction and purpose through Christ.

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