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Day Three in Kenya

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Going into Grogan today, we prepared with a devotional about spreading God’s love. You are loved no matter where you are, what you have done, and what you believe. God loves YOU. We focused on that as we visited homes of people in the Grogan community. It was incredible to see the women in the community open up and share their stories. How their lives had changed when they accepted Jesus, or as they say more often, were born again.

In the morning, we entered into each home with either a Malaria Cube or HIV Cube. Essential, the cubes were a set of blocks that told the side effects, ways of prevention, and modes of treatment with the disease. The method was an excellent way to spread awareness and prevention with basic knowledge of the diseases. Many times, the information they receive is not always right. For example, we were told many believe that you can get malaria from raw mangos! After lunch, we went out with Evangy Cubes, a set of blocks that told the story of Jesus dying on the cross to reunite us with God. It was incredible to see the way God worked today. For many of us, it was the first time doing evangelism in a setting like this, entering homes unannounced with no prior knowledge of the people or their situation. But God showed up, bringing us the courage to ask questions in fellowship, intentionally develop relations, and pray for the women and their families.

In between the house visits, the team played with the kids. For me, I got to see my sponsor child, Yvonne, really open up and be able to be herself in front of me while she was having fun with her friends. Every time I had met up with Yvonne in the past, she seemed to be extremely shy. Seeing her true personality and the way God’s light shines through her today was encouraging. The kids are so joyful, regardless of the situation they may be in, the family or lack thereof, whether or not they had eaten that day, they remain joyful. We take so much for granted, and it just reminds me of how minimal our problems can be, but we let them ruin the day. God has a plan and will continue to provide. The kids truly rely on God for the next meal, the next day. We can sometimes lose that faith, and it is so encouraging to see an entire school and community place so much faith in God, knowing it will get better.

Please pray for us over the next few days as we continue to build relationships, set aside our plans for God’s, and follow faithfully regardless of the circumstances.

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Day Two in Kenya

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Today our IMPACT Kenya team got the opportunity to see God in many different ways. First of all, He revealed Himself to us through answered prayer in healing Janel’s cold symptoms! Praise God for taking away sore throats and stuffy noses!

Next, we got to see God work in using a variety of our giftings. Adrienne, Vanessa, and Stefan spent the morning working alongside the medical team in the clinic at Missions of Hope’s Pangani center. They began forming relationships with the workers and patients and got to use their medical skills. While they were working to provide medicines and preventative services, Sara, Emily, and Janel traveled to Babadogo, a community within the Mathare slums. They visited four families with children with cerebral palsy. People with disabilities are looked down upon in Kenyan culture and are given little to no value. Social workers within MOHI are working to provide support to these families and help them to see that God has a plan for these children. MOHI’s school in Babadogo has the first special education room for students with severe disabilities. This classroom has been in existence for less than a year and is still a work in progress; however, God is beginning some great work in providing support for children with special needs and their mothers.

In the afternoon, we had our first chance to see the Grogon community in the Mathare slums in which E91 partners. We got to see some of the classes, meet some of the teachers, and spent a lot of time talking with Betty, the head teacher, and Kiyoko, the building manager. This dialog began opening our eyes to the amazing work that is happening in this community. This school has been in existence for a mere four years but already has 365 students and 16 teachers! They are working so hard to help empower these students to have a good education, learn about Jesus, and have a vision for a future of success outside of their current states of extreme poverty.

Our team spent a lot of time reflecting on what has been challenging for us as well as what kind of conversations we are having with God, where He is calling us to, where He is nudging us, what He is asking of us? We are only two days into our time spent in Kenya, and God is already at work in this country and with-in the hearts of our team. Please pray for this to continue, that God would reveal himself to us and that we would have the ears to listen and the courage to respond.

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