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Day Six in Kenya

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached our final day of serving in the Grogan school and community. We ended our time with our final Bible storying lesson about Bartimaeus, the blind man who Jesus healed through his great faith. Bartimaeus refused to be shushed by the people around him and had great faith to speak up and yell out to Jesus multiple times. Jesus took notice, called Bartimaeus to him, and asked him “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus asked for the gift of sight, he was healed, and immediately began following Jesus.
After we had told this story, we asked the children that same big question. If Jesus was standing here and asked you “What do you want me to do for you?”, What would you ask for? I was incredibly amazed by their answers! I anticipated that they would share some of those things that would take them out of their extreme poverty situation, such as having a nice home, enough food to eat, or new clothes or toys. My ideas of what they would want were all wrong! These children answered that they would want things like wisdom, faith, and knowledge. I was blown away! This came from preschool through sixth graders! How mature of them to be having a complete upward focus instead of on the things of this world.
Many of these children must truly rely on God for a lot of their daily needs. It made me reflect on my own life and how often I try to be in control of things and take care of my life myself because I think I can do it on my own. But I can’t. When I try to leave God out of the picture it doesn’t work out. I long to grow in having a child-like faith like these children to fully rely on God in all situations.
We had a lot of hard goodbyes to the children and teachers that we had been growing in relationship with in our time in the Grogan school. Please be praying for our Kenyan friends that the school may continue to grow and that more and more children may come to know Christ and receive important necessities like food and education. Consider sponsoring one of these children. Your sponsorship will truly change a child’s life!

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Day five in Kenya

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Where should I begin with all the things that are going on here in Kenya with our group! There have been so many awesome things going on here that a blog is not long enough to tell.

 First and foremost God has been so amazing in showing just a hint of His colors through his Children within the Grogan Community. To hear the children’s voices, see their beaming smiles, and to see their minds as they engage in us as we interact with them both in the schools and out in the streets.

 The past two days doing VBS has been the biggest blessing of the whole trip for me. To hear the children voices answering our questions, engaging with us mzungu’s, and being children as God has called them to be, one could not help be blessed. There is not a child that is the same; my heart is so full and overflowing that I want to be the ministry through MOHI and look in the something similar state side.

 As a group, we could tell you all the stories and more about our experience, but this does not compare enough to being here with MOHI. I encourage anyone who is considering a short-term mission with E91 to Africa to highly consider doing so.

 As we finish here and return to the states, pray for the team as a whole that we would continue to spread the name of Jesus and seek the Fathers face through all that we do.

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