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Our Journey to E91: July 5

As I type this on my iPhone, I'm standing in line for "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" at Disney World. That's right--Winnie the Pooh. And before you judge me, you should know that I just got out of the "Philharmagic 3D Symphony." Oh, the things we do for our kids (and for ourselves, if we're honest)!

This may sound odd, but one of the hardest things for me to do is relax. I love vacations, but I have to work hard at NOT working! I mean, here I am standing in line for a ride at Disney World and what am I doing? I'm emailing an update for church!

So, I'll make it short, because I need to work harder at not working! Maybe the reason I'm still working is because Disney makes me feel like I'm working. For all of you Disney lovers, don't take offense, but Disney for me is not as much of a magical place as it is a busy place--people everywhere, long lines, and a lot of babies. Why do people bring their babies to Disney World, by the way? But the more I look around, the babies here have got it made. They're doing a lot of sleeping and riding around while their parents push them in shaded strollers.

But in case you think by my musings that I'm not having a good time, let me just make it clear. I could be on vacation anywhere with Laura and the kids, and I'll be having a good time. As long as I turn off my phone and stop working. So enjoy your summer, and I'll look forward to working ... but not right now. My kids are calling, and I think I see Mickey Mouse up ahead!

Our Journey to E91: July 2

Someone asked me yesterday how we felt about our reception and all of the weekend festivities (including Dave Mullins' birthday!), and the first word that came to mind was, OVERWHELMED!  That word can be taken in two different ways, of course, but I assure you I mean it in the good way. Laura, Will, Anna, Luke and I were overwhelmed with the love, support, encouragement, and offers of help and hospitality extended to us. The worship services yesterday were tremendous, and what a joy it was to participate in the dedication of the new playground. This resource, along with the new children's building, will make a Kingdom impact for years to come in the nurture, development, joy and discipleship of future generations. This dedication, along with the reception and Patriotic Concert, made yesterday an overwhelming day of God's confirmation that we are supposed to be at E91.  I want to thank all the staff and volunteers who made yesterday a day we will remember for years to come.

One of the many blessings we experienced yesterday was meeting Dr. Ed Brown. If you don't know Dr. Brown, you're missing out on a tremendous blessing. He and his precious wife faithfully attend the first service, and they have been involved at E91 for many years.  He sent me one of the most gracious emails I've ever read earlier last week, and he concluded by writing how he looks forward to each Sunday at E91 to study God's Word while he awaits his heavenly home. What a perspective. What a picture of the body of Christ gathered each Sunday in worship and preparation for living our lives in faithfulness to our Lord while we long for our heavenly home. 

This transition we're making from Owensboro to Indianapolis pales in comparison to that future transition we must all make one day from this life to the life to come. I'm amazed to think that our worship is part of our preparation. As we draw our focus, gratitude and praise to our holy God, He shapes and molds us in preparation of partaking in heaven.  Now, that's the kind of transition I want to make!