Be Present - Christmas Devotion Experience

Christmas can sometimes swirl into a busy season of hustle, with a full calendar, where it can be easy to lose sight of the reason for the season - celebrating and sharing the hope and love that came to earth in the form of a baby boy. Our challenge to you:

Slow down, be present, and look for new ways to help people in your life take their next step with Jesus.

This twelve part Christmas Devotion is intended to draw people into God’s Word and send us into our community to share with others the incredible hope anyone can receive from the love of Jesus, regardless of family background, past failures, or mistakes. Each devotion has a short Scripture with some introspective questions for you and/or your family, and an action challenge you can take to be present and share Jesus with others.

We hope this booklet helps you take a step toward truly experiencing Christmas this year by being present with the people around you, and by suggesting practical ways for you to share the grace and goodness of God with people who need it most.

download the Be Present Booklet