my E91

Need to update your information? Want to view your giving records online? Registering for a class or event? With an account on myE91, you can do all these things and more!


The account will allow you to update your information, register for events, and review your giving records. Note: Due to recent updates, you may be asked to reset your password.




This feature allows you to update the information for your family. You can sign in to your account, click "My Profile" and then "Edit my profile." 

If you do not know or remember your password:


You can use your account to check your secure contribution records online.

  1. Sign in
  2. Click the "My Contributions" tab



    Looking for a group to join? Explore the open groups here. Group Members share a web page where they can post prayer requests or notes to be shared with the group. Group leaders can use the Group Management features to post attendance or access their group members most current contact information.


     Did you know?

    Did you know that you can register for events using your myE91 account? Having a myE91 account keeps all your information updated and integrated, so the events you participate in will be attached to your record.

    To view the available events, sign in and select the calendar tab.

    Questions? If you need help accessing or using your profile, please contact Nancy Litherland.